No problem! You can rent a pair of boxing gloves for €2 or buy a pair for €50

We don’t rent them (gross!) but we do sell them. Prices are between €11 and €15. 

Absolutely! We offer beginners technique classes where you will learn the basic techniques to jab, cross, and kick.

This class is a 60-minute kickboxing training in which you will perform more advanced and longer kickboxing combinations on the bag. The training is more focussed on techniques and explanation than our 45-minute FIGHT class and it’s 1 full hour. Prepare to sweat!

Personal Training

Yes we do! Almost all of our trainers give PT, which is a personalized training session of (usually) 1 hour during which you will focus on whatever goal you have (strength, endurance, weight loss, muscle gain, injury recovery, mobility, training during or after pregnancy, etc.) Please send an email to: if you want to receive more information

For a single person the PT rate is €75 for 1 hour, for a duo PT it’s €90 for 1 hour. Note: to book a PT session you must be a member @Underground. 


Yes we do! In fact, we get a lot of compliments from our members about our showers, they are gooood!! We also provide shampoo and shower gel for your convenience 🙂 AND a blow dryer for the ladies.

No we do not have towels, so feel free to bring your own if you sweat a lot or would like to take a shower after your workout.

Yes we do! Only thing you need to do is bring a lock. You can also buy (€4) or rent   (€2) one if you don’t have one yet (or when you forgot to bring it).

Yes we do! You can train in the open gym by yourself all day long, check our opening hours here: (

First check this video we made (cool right!?) and it will answer a lot of your questions right away. As you can see we focus more on strength training using free weights like kettlebells, dumbbells and barbells. 


First, let us answer with a question… are you sure?!? Ok ok, if you really want to cancel, send us an email at and we will take care of the rest. Please note the minimum contract term of 3 months. 

Your membership runs for a minimum of 3 full months. After that, you may cancel with at least 1 month notice. Make sure you cancel your contract before the month ends, to prevent the automated membership amount to be invoiced from your account. E.g. If you want to cancel per september, please do so prior to 31 august. If you cancel on the 1st of September, you will still pay for September.

Yes, but only in case of an injury or pregnancy (medical note required) and at least one month in advance. Please send an email to to pause and re-activate your membership. Costs for re-activation are €25.

First of all: can we join you? We love breaks as well, but unfortunately we can’t pause your contract for this reason. Consider this extra motivation to get back on track when you return. If you decide to cancel your membership for this reason, please note that re-activation costs €25.

Sure, you can buy it here on our website. 


The membership runs pro-rata, this means that you pay starting from your first day of your membership. For example, if you became a member on the 15th of June, you will pay 15/30 x €69 = €34,50 for the month of June, and €69 for the month of July. Your next automated invoices will be for €69, and will occur around the 1st of each month.

Business training & events

Absolutely! Send us an email at with your wishes, number of people, what type of training etc. and we will come up with a nice training for your team / group of friends / bachelor / anything!

Sure! Send us an email at with your wishes, number of people, what type of training etc. and we will get back to you as soon as possible (that always means fast).

We are always open to discuss possibilities! Send us an email at with what you have in mind, and we will together see if we can make it work. Never been @Underground? Shame on you, but you are lucky, we made a video of the space.